What would a worship conference be without worship?!  At the beginning of every general session, we will spend time in worship, led by worship leaders from The Potter's House Church.

General sessions

In each of our general sessions, you will either be challenged with a message or hear from a panel on a very specific topic.  

Breakout Sessions

You will have 8 different breakout classes to select from over the two day period with two breakout periods offered per day.  Each class will be taught by someone with extensive knowledge and experience that will be able to help you push yourself and your team forward.


We believe that there is a "sow and reap" principal that applies to sacrifices made to come to a conference like this.  We are praying specifically for you to encounter and experience the presence of the Father, personally and with a team.


8:30a - Registration Opens
9a - General Session 1
10:30a - Breakout (Block A)
11:45a - Lunch Break
1:15p - General Session 2
2:45p - Breakout (Block B)
4p - Dinner Break
7p - General Session 3


8:30a - Registration Opens
9a - General Session 4
10:30a - Breakout (Block C)
11:45a - Lunch Break
1:15p - General Session 5
2:45p - Breakout (Block D)
4p - Dinner Break
6p - General Session 6

Breakout Sessions

Throughout Closer, we offer 10 breakout classes over 4 breakout blocks.  Those sessions are Theology In Worship, Vocal Class 101, Vocal Class 201, Musicians Class 101, Musicians Class 201, Leading In Worship, Creative Process, Identity In Worship, Song Writing and Worship and the Prophetic.  Each of these classes are designed to give you Biblical and practical knowledge that you can apply to your life, team and church.  The sessions are listed below...

Identity In Worship

We have been designed fearfully and wonderfully by a good Father.  In this session, we will discover how we can live our lives in worship.  Every second of every day.

Theology In Worship

The Bible has much to say on the topic of worship.  Personally and corporately, the Bible gives clear understanding on the topic of worship.  In this course, we will explore those passages.


Leading In Worship

This course will be geared toward those who lead worship and those who feel the call to lead worship.  How do we navigate this heavy calling and high responsibility?  How can we train ourselves to fearlessly follow the heart of God when we lead?

Worship and the Prophetic

What we declare and agree with in worship shapes hearts, culture and regions.  How can we grow in hearing the voice of God?  How important are the songs that we sing?  How important is prophecy, when it comes to worship?  Let's find out!

Vocal Class 101

In this course we will discuss the power of the voice, our first instrument.  What are some tools that we can cultivate in growing our voice?  We will explore and discuss things that we can do to strengthen our voice, grow our range and properly care for our voice.

Vocal Class 201

Once we have taken Vocal Class 101, we can dive deeper into aspects of singing.  How can I learn to sing in parts?  The voice is the most important piece of worship and in this course we will do a deep dive on how we can maximize our voices.

Musicians Class 101

Musicians and instruments play such an important role in our worship expression.  This class is for anyone wanting to grow in the basics of playing an instrument and understanding the basic principles of music.

Musicians Class 201

In this class, we will dive deeper into the importance of musicianship and understanding music, from the flow of worship to the team aspect of playing in a service.  We will talk about what it really means to be a minstrel and bring the presence of the Lord into the room when we play.

Creative Process

Worship and creativity go hand in hand.  It is vitally important that we learn how to take ideas that we have and flesh them out.  What do we do when ideas fail?  How do we learn to collaborate with others in making ideas the best that we can make them?  We will explore all of those things in this course!

Song Writing

Each community of worshippers has a difference song to sing.  How do we learn to capture those ideas, testimonies and stories and turn them into songs?  Song writing has the ability to shape culture and give a community its own voice in declaring who God the Father has been to them.  In this course we will talk about tools and ways that we can grow in this gift.